Junk feud

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THE battle between the Internet’s largest service provider and a company that sends junk e-mail has escalated. Cyber Promotions, a Philadelphia advertising company that specialises in sending unsolicited e-mail to millions of people, recently failed to convince a court that America Online (AOL) had no right to block messages being sent to its customers (This Week, 23 November, p 14). But Sanford Wallace, president of Cyber Promotions, has a new ploy. He told the Internet news service Wired News that he had enlisted around 50 allies to help him overcome the e-mail block. By constantly rotating the addresses from which Cyber Promotions’ messages are sent, the company intends to make it impossible for AOL to block its junk e-mail. “There’s certainly going to be an element of cat and mouse to this,” says Andrew Graziani,